Excessive libido? How to tell your partner you need a break?

To be a successful couple, we don't have to match each other in everything. Sometimes small changes or different opinions are welcome. What do you do when he wants more intimate moments with you than you want with him?

Having sex for too long can take a physical toll, such as soreness or irritation, so it's normal to want to take breaks from time to time. Additionally, one partner may find that they no longer reach orgasm and need a period during which they stop having sex.

Also, if you have been together for a long time, then it is not unusual for you to feel physically sick of each other at some point and then need a break to be together again. I miss my partner. Whatever the reason, how you discuss it makes a big difference.

Explain what you need

When you ask your partner to take a break from sex, do it respectfully and calmly. It's important to be honest about what the conversation is about: maybe you need to connect a little more emotionally, maybe you need a few days or more to talk more about different topics and you feel like sex is "on your mind" and prevents you from having serious discussions or maybe you have a physical problem (pain, condition, etc.) that requires a break from sex.

Be understanding

When you suggest your partner take a break from sex, keep in mind that not only will he ask you “why?”, but he will probably feel either confused, not understanding where the suggestion is coming from, or offended, thinking that he can do it. does not satisfy you the way you need, or gets angry, thinking that you want to break up with him, and so on. Therefore, be patient with his possible questions, do not get angry if he shows his sadness or anger, but reassure him of your love and loyalty and answer his concerns in detail.

Set the rules

Any decision in a couple should be made in such a way that both partners agree with it and neither of them feels that they are making a very big sacrifice (or for a very long time). Decide together how long this break will last and what to do during it: either not touch each other sexually at all, or engage in various activities with an erotic connotation, but without sex.

If there is no medical reason requiring abstinence for a longer period, psychologists agree that a break from sex for one, maximum two weeks is enough to solve any situation associated with this pause.

If taking a break from sex is because it has become a chore, have an honest conversation about it. For example, couples who want a child but are unable to conceive and have sex "after hours", on certain days, at certain times, etc., may eventually stop enjoying the act itself and experience increasing stress due to... for the inability to get pregnant. Therefore, a break may be required to openly discuss and determine a more appropriate way to proceed with the trial.

In some situations, we can even talk about sexual addiction (hypersexuality), from which one of the partners suffers, while the other simply cannot cope with his inflated demands. In this case, the person suffering from this addiction may require both psychotherapy (cognitive behavioral therapy has been proven effective) and medications (certain antidepressants can reduce excessive libido) in order to be able to lead a normal life, since sex is a very important element. But that is not all.

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Excessive libido? How to tell your partner you need a break?