Beware, men are more likely to break their penises at Christmas!

German doctors have discovered an extremely high level of injuries to the male genital organs during the winter holidays! How is this possible? Although the penis is not a bone, it can break when subjected to sudden and strong force. After an injury, the male genital organ takes on the appearance of an eggplant, becomes bruised and swollen.

Such accidents can occur during intense sexual play, in positions that pose such risks - doggy style (not dogs) or cowgirl (not cowgirl, that is, with a woman on your back). vertex).

Experts at the University Hospital of Munich analyzed information from more than 3,000 men injured in Germany between 2005 and 2021. 40 penile fractures occurred during the Christmas period, which was December 24, 25 or 26, their research found. This corresponds to a daily frequency of 0.78, or 7 such cases every 10 days. To compare with the rest of the year, the regular rate is 0.54.

Even on New Year's Day, the frequency of injuries to the male genital organ does not increase as at Christmas. And during the rest of the year holidays... things go peacefully, without such annoying incidents.

“If every day was like Christmas, there would be 43% more such fractures in Germany,” doctors say. “Our findings lead us to caution couples to calm down wild sex during leisure moments to reduce the risk of pani bills,” the experts noted.

In conclusion, couples consider the Christmas period to be special and want to celebrate this moment in a special way in their personal lives.

A penile fracture occurs instantly and requires emergency medical intervention. In many cases, you may also hear a noise indicating a rupture. So, increased attention during moments of maximum excitement! Stop being ashamed and see a doctor if you feel something bad has happened between litters.

Statistics show us that 4 out of 5 men who suffer penile rupture lose their erections, suffer from erectile dysfunction and are no longer able to maintain intimate relationships except with severe pain for the rest of their lives.

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Beware, men are more likely to break their penises at Christmas!