Test. What are your realistic expectations from the relationship? Look at the picture and find out the answer!

If you're looking for love, it's important to know what your realistic expectations and needs are from a future partner. Undecided? This test will help you!

The optical illusion below will show you what you need in love. All you have to do is look at the image below, note what you see for the first time and read the interpretations below. You are ready?


Man's face

If you looked closely at the picture and saw the man's face first, it means that you are a person who works hard and wants to be appreciated and respected by others, including your life partner.

What you need from a relationship is to be understood even on busy days when your schedule is very busy. Although you are a person who finds it difficult to open up to someone, give your partner time to get to know you and you will find that the relationship will bring you satisfaction!

Man in a gray coat

A man wearing a gray coat shows you that you have inner sadness. This does not mean that you are depressed, but you are aware of the balance between life and death, happiness and sadness, beginning and ending.

What you need from your partner is complete acceptance. You deserve someone who will understand you, support you and accept your melancholy!


If you saw a child in swaddling clothes, then you are a person who often feels helpless.

You get stressed easily, so you need someone who can give you genuine love, pamper you, and connect with your feelings on a deep level. You need someone to lean on, someone who will offer you a cup of tea and listen to your problems.


A man reading with a hat on his head or a sorcerer shows that you are a person interested in the spiritual realm.

Therefore, the ideal partner for you is someone with whom you have connections in this field. It is very important to feel that you are spiritually fulfilled and that you have someone with whom you share the same beliefs. You are attracted to people who have questions about the universe.

Two comrades

The sorcerer's companions say that you are a stubborn person who loves to have total control over relationships.

You have a strong masculine energy and need your partner to challenge you. You want your partner to support you, but also make you feel like you're in a dynamic relationship.

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Test. What are your realistic expectations from the relationship? Look at the picture and find out the answer!