The strangest scientific observations about love that turned out to be true

Over time, scientists have tried to explain the complex emotional mechanisms of love. They have created some amazing theories about love.

A well-known theory states that we prefer partners who are physically or temperamentally similar to the parent of the opposite sex. In a study cited by the Times of India, conducted at the University of St. Andrews, British researcher David Perrett found that men prefer women who resemble their mothers, while women choose men who resemble their fathers. The study's findings were published in New Scientist magazine in 2002.

Partners start to look alike after years of dating

You may have noticed that some partners who form long-term couples end up looking similar to each other. Science has come to confirm this hypothesis. According to a study on the psychology of love, scientists noticed that couples who had been married for 25 years or more had similar facial features and looked the same. The explanation is that they have similar diets and lifestyles, environments, life challenges and more.

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What You Eat Determines Your Dating Life

In a study conducted by the dating app in the US, Canada and Australia, users were asked whether a person's eating habits would influence their decision to date them. According to the study, women said they would choose men who were more likely to eat meat as partners, while men preferred women who were vegetarian.

Falling in love is like taking a drug

According to research from Albert Einstein College in New York, when we are in love, chemicals released in the brain create a drug-like state. No wonder breaking up with your partner is also so painful.

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The strangest scientific observations about love that turned out to be true