How much chocolate, water or bananas can you eat before they kill you?

In addition to illness and accidents, many dangers lie in wait for us. What we eat or drink and what experts recommend can be fatal!

We all think about the grand finale sometimes. When and how will we die? And we fear complex illnesses or violent accidents that end our lives. But there are other reasons why we might have a pop name.

For example TV. It won't fry our brains or burn our eyes if we sit too long and too close to it, but it can fall on our heads. Did you know that between 2000 and 2019 alone, there were 571 deaths on television? Yes, yes, for some reason a TV fell on them, and they died. But such incidents are, in fact, accidents. Here are some incredible causes of death!


Puppies are never allowed to touch it, it is toxic to them. For humans, however... it's a treat! What humanity doesn't know is that the same substance in chocolate that can make puppies sick is also toxic to humans. Only in different doses.

Well, chocolate becomes lethal to humans at levels exceeding 1,000 mg of theobromine per kilogram of human body weight. Take, for example, a man weighing 90 kg. He must consume 90,000 mg of theobromine for this substance to become lethal.

Just so you know, milk chocolate contains about 2.4 mg of theobromine per gram of chocolate. Calculate and do not exceed the safe dose! To conclude, we need to eat about 857 chocolate bars in order to die.


Bananas are said to become toxic due to the potassium they contain. Yes, potassium poisoning can kill you, but you would have to eat 42 bananas to reach the maximum amount allowed for human consumption.


The BBC was taken aback by this hypothesis and investigated the matter by calling St. Louis-based nutritionist Katherine Collins. George. This is the opinion that we should eat 400 bananas to lose weight because of them.


The most famous case of water intoxication is the death of Jennifer Stange. In 2007, she died after participating in a radio contest about who could drink the most water without going to the toilet. Sounds like nonsense, and it is!

Strange died shortly after, and the cause of death was indeed excessive water consumption. Obviously we need water to live, but problems arise when someone drinks too much water and the kidneys can't process it as quickly.

When the salt and water content in our body is out of balance, our cells swell, and when the tumor reaches the brain, the consequences are fatal.

Good! And then how much water can kill us?

In a healthy person, the kidneys can process one liter of water per hour. Experts advise us to consider not so much the quantity as our thirst. However, it is quite easy to overdo it with water. Toxicity depends on the weight of the person drinking the water.

Thus, a person weighing 75 kg is guaranteed to be killed by 6 liters of water!

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How much chocolate, water or bananas can you eat before they kill you?