Pet Hair Cleaning Tips

Do you have a dog or a cat and everywhere you look you see pet hair? These tips can help you remove it more easily! See also how you can reduce excessive shedding!

If lately it seems like your pet's fur is everywhere you turn, it might not be your imagination! Both dogs and cats can go through a period of heavy shedding in the spring, as warmer temperatures signal that it's time to shed their thicker winter coats.

If your pet has a favorite spot on the bed, couch, or rug, protect it once a week with a machine-washable blanket. This will not only protect the floor and furniture, but also extend the life of the vacuum cleaner. Don't forget to wash your pet's bed frequently!

Use a rubber glove

With a rubber glove, you can collect hair from all surfaces on which they are collected. The hair will stick to the glove and can be easily removed. Because there are many types of gloves available in physical stores or online, you can try several until you find the right one.

Pile rollers

These rollers are great for removing pet hair. Keep one handy and use it often. In the absence of such a roller, it can be made from a small paint roller and adhesive tape. Wrap a long piece of duct tape around the roller, sticky side out.

Pumice stone and scraper

Some surfaces are especially difficult to clean from pet hair. Such is the case with car upholstery. You can use a pumice stone that you gently run over the upholstery to remove even the most stubborn hair. And a mop can be an effective tool for picking up hair from carpets. Simply run the squeegee over the desired surface and gather the hair at the end.

Old socks quickly push hair away from furniture and floors.

Turn the thicker sock inside out, put it on your arm or leg, and use it to rub the areas where your dog's or cat's hair collects. You can moisten it a little so that the threads seize even faster.

How to reduce excessive hair loss in your pet

Check out his feed

If he seems to be shedding heavily outside of the normal times (spring and autumn), the food may be to blame. Dogs and cats that eat high quality food rich in vitamins and minerals shed less hair than pets that don't.

Brush your cat or dog regularly

Along with a proper and healthy diet, you should take care of regular, that is, at least once a week, combing your pet with a brush suitable for the length of his coat. Regular brushing helps to remove shedding hair, stimulates blood circulation and is good for both skin and coat.

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Pet Hair Cleaning Tips