Test. How do you perceive your past? Choose one of the trees and you will find out!

Have you ever thought about how you feel about the past? It's time to take this personality test and find out! Take a close look at the trees in the images below, choose one of them, and then find out more about yourself!

Are you curious to know if this test will reveal how you perceive the world? This can be a great way to find out how you think and feel. Understanding your relationship to the past will help you make better decisions and build relationships with others. Find out with this quiz how your relationship with the past shapes your outlook on life!

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If you choose the first image of a tree, you are an optimistic person and have come to terms with the past. Embrace life's ups and downs with a positive attitude.

You see mistakes as an opportunity to learn, and the past not as something to be ashamed of, but as a source of strength and inspiration for making better decisions in the future. You also like to take risks. Even when you have problems, you do not lose hope that everything will work out.

Tree B


You have an attitude to thinking about the past. You need time to reflect on past mistakes and learn from them, even if you don't fix them.

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You can be introspective in your approach to life. You need time to reflect on your experience, which will allow you to analyze your own behavior and motivation.



You can use the lessons of the past as a guide for your future decisions. You have the courage and optimism to try new things.

You view challenges as opportunities for growth and strive to make positive changes in your life.

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You look to the future with great optimism because you believe that no matter what happens, everything will end well in the end. It's always important to remember where you're from and learn from your past experiences.

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Test. How do you perceive your past? Choose one of the trees and you will find out!