What you need to know before buying an apartment

Buying a house is not as easy as it seems. Many people dream of having their own comfortable home, but the whole process of buying and selling requires careful planning and analysis.

If you're looking to buy an apartment, it's important to decide if you want a house in the old quarter or in a new area. Many expanding cities have built buildings that attract young families, but before you make a purchase, you should check to see if you have your eye on a block with a potential seismic hazard that was high before 1977. It would also be a good idea to find out if the builder's company is in debt, insolvent, hiding problems related to utilities that can bring you inconvenience and additional costs.

Choose a serious developer

Should your dream home be in a newly built building? Then you should only rely on reputable builders and developers with a large portfolio of projects. The developer's company can also be checked in the Commercial Register for debt or other problems. The experienced ones have systems and procedures in place to ensure that apartments are completed and handed over to owners on time. Secondly, a reputable developer is not afraid to show you the documentation for the object or tell you which partner companies he works with. Review the city planning documents carefully, perhaps with your architect or civil engineer. The detailed city plan also contains data on connection to engineering networks.


Reliable developer accepts multiple payment methods.

Check the area where the house is located

When you want to buy an apartment, it is important to choose a location where you will have easy access to kindergartens, schools, hospitals, recreation areas, supermarkets, shopping centers, depending on your personal long-term interests, and not just in the near future. In addition, the location of the apartment affects not only its market value, but also the standard of living that you can expect there. With respect to the unpredictability of the market, housing located in long residential areas provides a high level of protection. However, the infrastructure surrounding the area and access to vehicles must be considered. Find out what amenities they offer: parking spaces, maybe electric car stations, bike racks. If you want an apartment in a residential area, it is also of interest to have convenient access to a medical center, kindergarten, school, parks, sports grounds. Is it possible to talk to neighbors? Ask them about hot water supply, sewerage and maintenance costs, especially the type of heating system used, how safe they think the area is, whether there is an intercom or other security system in the building or area, and if there are problems in case of heavy rain or snow.

Check out the build quality

You should also check the quality of construction. Find out what year the building was built, what seismic risk it has, what building materials were used, what resistance structure it has, and whether the exterior masonry is thermally insulating and possibly fire resistant. Ask a technical consultant, engineer or designer for advice. Also, if possible, ask for a town-planning certificate, a building permit, an act of acceptance and transfer, an extract from the land act.

He appreciates the presence of engineering communications

With water scarcity and frequent power outages in the area, even a luxurious, well-maintained apartment will not be able to offer you the desired comfort. Some of the main aspects you need to look into are connection to the water supply and sewerage system, connection to the area's electricity supply system, and connection to the natural gas distribution system. In some areas, the electrical connection may be temporary, especially if you are buying an apartment that is still under construction. Please make sure everything is ok before buying!


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What you need to know before buying an apartment