The astrologer delivered the verdict. This is the worst sign of kissing!

The astrologer believes that the way people kiss is a skill that can be identified by their zodiac sign. Moreover, one of the twelve signs kisses the worst. What is this?

It should be recognized that kissing is a subjective experience that can vary depending on individual preferences. The way we kiss our partner can vary in intensity and style, taking into account culture and context. What's more, astrologer Reda Wigle believes that the sign we're born in can also be an indicator of how we kiss. According to an astrologer, there are zodiac signs that kiss lightly and playfully, while others kiss passionately, with great desire and pathos.

The zodiac sign that kisses the worst

According to astrologer Reda Wiegle, there is one zodiac sign in every horoscope that is impossible to resist. For example, if your partner was born under this sign, it's definitely hard for you to resist kissing, even if you're fighting. This zodiac sign exudes overflowing energy and has a special charm. Most of the time he is romantic, loves to show his love and does everything to win his life partner. But he also has a drawback, the astrologer believes. Namely, this sign is a bad kisser, perhaps worse than all twelve signs.

What is this zodiac sign and why does it top the list of the most disliked zodiac signs?

Well, it's about the sign of Aries. According to the astrologer, Aries is a sign full of energy, often impatient and very persistent. Although Aries has the skills of "don Juan", Aries has a "violent kissing style", and for sensitive partners this could not look good, especially at the beginning of a relationship.

Ruled by Mars, Aries appears to be a soldier on the battlefield - determined and resilient. Aries are bad at kissing because of greed, which can scare or intimidate,” says astrologer Reda Wiegle in an article for The New York Post.

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The astrologer delivered the verdict. This is the worst sign of kissing!