A house in a "ghost town" costs less than 6,000 euros! Will it seduce you?

Four houses in a "ghost town" overlooking the sea, which was very prosperous in the past, are up for auction for just 5,800 euros each. Does anybody want?

Horden in County Durham was a prosperous mining village that formed a remarkable community. But the small town was hit hard when the coal mine closed in 1987.

Four houses were recently put up for sale on Rightmove and the sale started at £5,000, which is even less than €6,000. And one of these houses has a terrace that extends the length of three bedrooms. Another two-bedroom house with a backyard is located on Seventh Street, next to a park and a church.

Most of the houses in this village are abandoned, which fully reflects the decline that came to the area shortly after the mine closed. Thus, out of a population of 15,000 in 1951, it has reached 6,807 in 2021.

What we need to understand is that this price of €5800 per house reflects less than 2% of the cost of the average UK home. Any two-bedroom home in the UK is valued at over £255,000.

The village of Horden developed around a coal mine that provided a stable service to the locals. The mine opened in 1904, and by 1964 the village had its own cinemas, sports fields, and a bowling alley.

“Four thousand people worked in the coal mine, lived here with their families,” says YouTuber David Burnip, who features Britain’s cheapest houses on his Stray Turnip channel.

“Now everything looks apocalyptic… I can’t even imagine that someone would want to live here. Being surrounded by all these ruined buildings must be very depressing and scary at night,” he continued. Are there ghosts there too? It would not be out of the question!

The atmosphere described by the YouTube star is depressing to the limit, which even the authorities are trying to change. In fact, it is called a "ghost town" because no one lives there anymore, but no one complained that it was haunted.

City Hall has painted fake doors and windows on some empty houses to give the impression that someone is still living there. This is wrong. No one wants to live in an abandoned city inhabited only by ghosts...

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A house in a "ghost town" costs less than 6,000 euros! Will it seduce you?