Repair mistakes that increase the temperature in the house in summer

This summer has started with high temperatures that make us look for ways to cool off. Your home may be your refuge on hot days, but what if the temperature inside is as hot as it is outside? Some repair errors may be to blame.

When temperatures are high, health experts urge us to limit the time we spend outside, especially during the midday hours. But if it's as hot inside as it is outside, or even hotter, experts say there may be some issues preventing the home from regulating its temperature.

Front color

The shade you have chosen for the facade of the house can be a problem in summer. This is because any dark color naturally attracts higher temperatures. Remodeler Goodell David explains to Best Life: "These colors absorb more heat than light colors, and painting your home black or brown can mean warmer temperatures in the home." To avoid this problem, David recommends that you choose a lighter color or shade, such as beige, gray or white: "They help reflect the rays and keep the house cooler," he says.

  • Many household appliances can generate additional heat. On hot days, limit the use of the iron, washing machine, dryer, or kitchen appliances at noon.

House insulation

Another common mistake that contributes to the creation of a stuffy atmosphere in the house is poor-quality insulation of the house. Electrical installer Tom Allan explains to the aforementioned publication: “When the insulation of the walls, roof and windows is insufficient, a lot of heat is transferred into the house.”

If you suspect your home may have this problem, Tom Allan advises you to make sure you insulate these areas of your home with good quality materials and call in a professional who can help.

  • Did you know that if you set the thermostat to a low temperature, it will only make the air conditioner use even more energy, raising temperatures and costs slightly? It is best to set a constant temperature in the house.

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Repair mistakes that increase the temperature in the house in summer