French Country. The spirit of Provence in your home

In the arrangement of their own home, each person has his own preferences. Coming home, people want to get into a special atmosphere that meets their taste. Do you like light colors and uncomplicated textures, do you like simple forms, the atmosphere of a picturesque and charming province?

Provence style features

This direction is distinguished by such characteristic features:

  • the presence of artificially aged decor elements and furnishings;
  • natural environmentally friendly materials (cotton, linen, wool, wood, stone);
  • a combination of delicate and rich juicy colors.

To better capture the essence, mentally transport yourself to the French province with its lavender plantations, wheat fields, turquoise sea and golden sand - these are the colors that will be needed for such an interior.

What furniture is suitable?

Remember the atmosphere of a village house - wicker chairs and chairs, wrought-iron beds and shelves, carved wooden chests of drawers and low cabinets painted in delicate pastel colors. A rather large dining table, as well as benches, will fit perfectly here.

All items should look vintage, as if slightly faded in the southern sun. It would also be nice to add antique figurines, canvas capes, lace napkins, homespun bedspreads, embroidered tablecloths. Do-it-yourself items are welcome.

Where to use?

French country is quite democratic and versatile, and is suitable for a variety of rooms. It will be equally appropriate in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. It will decorate both a city apartment and a country or private house.

It is especially pleasant that this spectacular style does not require large investments, because many of its components can be made with your own hands, as well as give a second life to old grandmother's things.

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French Country. The spirit of Provence in your home