Test. The cup you choose reveals your strengths and weaknesses

Accept this fascinating challenge that will determine your personal qualities, qualities and shortcomings! Choose one of the imagina mugs to take the visual personality test!

This is a visual personality test that will help you get to know yourself better through pictures. By choosing one of the cups, you have the opportunity to find out your strengths as well as your weaknesses, to see what you can change about yourself to become better.

What type of personality do you have depending on the mug you choose

Cup 1

You value your friends and family. You are ready to do everything for your loved ones, but also for those who ask for your support. Kind, warm and gentle, you risk being deceived by those who want to take advantage of your kindness. Be more attentive to those with whom you communicate!

Cup 2

You take things easy. Some will say that you are too relaxed, even if you are not. For you, changes in plans or troubles that come unexpectedly do not cut enthusiasm and do not upset you beyond measure.

Cup 3

Hardy, strong, you are the person who is not afraid of problems and difficulties, but on the contrary, they make you stronger. You know how to approach difficult situations and trust others. However, be careful with tin. Give yourself time to relax and recover!

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Cup 4

Intuitive by nature, you can predict how things will go and even prevent unpleasant events. Prevention is your course of action and you know how to prepare for what is to come. Do not try to change others! Everyone develops at their own pace.

Cup 5

You are a balanced and fair person, striving for harmony in the family and at work. A good mediator brings peace to relationships between friends and relatives. He knows how to put an end to the heated discussions that may arise in the family. In the absence of the desired harmony around you, you can avoid some problems and lose good opportunities for professional self-affirmation.

Cup 6

You are positive, optimistic, with a smile on your face you meet delicate situations. Radiate positive energy. Always focused on the good, you try to minimize the bad, which can sometimes be risky if you can't adapt when you hit really big challenges.


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Test. The cup you choose reveals your strengths and weaknesses