Totally Wrong Reasons to Stay in a Relationship If You're Not Happy

Breaking up may not be easy, but if a couple's relationship isn't working out the way it was in the beginning, it's time to make a decision. Also, if you are attached to these reasons, you clearly know that you need to take a big step!

Does the thought of leaving a relationship in which you are not happy make you feel guilty? This is the first sign that it's time to change your life! Psychotherapist Aldrich Chan explains to Best Life: “Feeling guilty about a breakup or thinking you owe your partner something are not the right reasons to move on. It's important to prioritize your own well-being and not stay in a relationship out of guilt."

Here are some more completely wrong reasons why you are still in the wrong relationship!

Social pressure

If you're putting off breaking up because you're thinking about what your family and friends will say, your thinking is wrong, says an expert: “Deciding to stay together because of external pressure, such as family expectations or social norms, is wrong. this is not a healthy basis for a relationship. You should rely on your feelings and desires, and not on what others think.”

Fear of loneliness

It is wrong to stay in a relationship just because you are afraid of being alone. If you have this fear, it means that you no longer have genuine feelings for your partner, which leads to disappointment. It is important to be happy and content with yourself before seeking someone's company.

Fear of change

Change can be scary, and if you're afraid to step out of your comfort zone, remember that unsatisfactory or unhealthy relationships are more harmful than comfort.

Financial dependence

Financial ties can delay a breakup, but if you stay with your partner only because you depend on him, it means your relationship is unhealthy. “It is important to strive for financial independence so that you rely on emotional factors rather than financial ones,” the specialist advises.

"Well-being" of children

There are many unhappy couples who decide to stay together for the sake of their children. Although the intentions are good, children feel that their parents have an unhealthy relationship, and this has negative consequences in the future: “Children are negatively affected by witnessing conflicts within the family. On the contrary, it is beneficial for partners to acknowledge the decline of the relationship and work together for the harmonious growth of their children,” says Aldrich Chan.

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Totally Wrong Reasons to Stay in a Relationship If You're Not Happy