TEST Look at the picture and find out what kind of friend you are!

True friends are with us, no matter what. They help us overcome difficulties and with their help we feel fully understood and appreciated, as we desire. But are you a good friend? This test will answer your question! You just need to look at the picture and find the meanings.

Since assessing yourself can be difficult, this personality test will help you find out what kind of friend you are.

All you have to do is look at the image below and note which object you saw first. Once you do, check out what it means below! You are ready?


If you saw... a dragon

If you looked carefully at the picture and the dragon caught your attention, it means that you are an extremely loyal friend. Although you are a generally gentle person, you know how to protect your loved ones and be there for them in times of need, even if it means arguing with some people. Be very careful, because at some points you can go to extremes!

If you saw... a soldier

Was the soldier the first thing you saw? This means that you are the kind of friend you can call even at midnight. You give good advice, although sometimes you are too straightforward and honest. You are not afraid to express your point of view, so some people may seem cool. But you have the best intentions, and the right people will definitely appreciate you. Congratulations!

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If you saw a man in a hat

Did the man in the hat immediately catch your attention? This means that you are a friend who saves situations with great humor. No matter how tense the atmosphere, you are sure to make others laugh and feel much better. They say laughter is the best medicine, so who wouldn't want you by their side!?


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TEST Look at the picture and find out what kind of friend you are!