TEST. Tell me what's in your bag so I can tell what kind of character you have!

The way we organize our lives says a lot about us, whether we like it or not. Even the contents of our bag are empty!

We constantly hint to others about what kind of character we have, even if they only see us in how we organize our day or our wardrobe. It is known that the whole universe of a woman is in her purse, and the choice of what she considers indispensable speaks volumes about her personality. Read the descriptions below and find yourself in one of the categories! Surely you belong to the following types of women!

Mother's gender

You have duplicates in your bag, pen refills, several packs of tissues, some kind of beach cream, anti-allergic because you don’t know if you need it, a diary, two or three lipsticks, because you can never decide what shade you need. do you want hairbands, clips, headache pills, etc.? If you have such things in your bag, you will probably barely be able to carry them.

And you're definitely the kind of caring mom who's ready to wipe the crumbs off your freshly eaten and always-prepared co-worker with hand sanitizer, a cookie that's slipped out of your purse pocket, or a bit of moisturizer to help dry. Hands.

Some dazed woman

When you're trying to find something in your bag, most of the time you don't find what you're looking for at first. It's like a black hole that "swallows" everything you put in it, and it all disappears when you need it. Ugh! Like you have to do them all the time. No wonder you feel overwhelmed!

Maybe it's time to make your life a little easier and throw out the store tags or empty packaging that once contained a pack of cigarettes or a box of chocolates. Not even all the bills lying at the bottom of the bag have nothing to do with you in your wallet. Get rid of everything unnecessary in your life, and you will be able to breathe with your soul, I promise!


If the bag you use every day contains only the essentials, you are probably a minimalist. Or a very organized, frugal, balanced woman who hates procrastination, hoarding things endlessly and surrounding herself with more and more things. Lucky you!


You brilliantly manage not to overload yourself either physically or mentally, which is admirable. You know how to face challenges and are ready to defend your rights and fight for them. And we can only tell by the contents of your bag, where there is no need for eyeliners or brushes that only have a few bristles left. Anything you don't need is broken or outdated, throw it away!

You rely only on yourself

If you have perfume, hand cream, accessories, and your favorite lipstick in your bag, it's obvious that you love to take care of yourself. And you are doing very well! As long as you don't spend a fortune on how you feel about yourself, no problem! Soothing music on your phone, eye cream before a romantic dinner where you want to make a good impression will always be in your purse.

You are the type of person who knows what to do to take care of themselves and you never liked being dependent on others. You don't expel others from your life, you just have moments when you want to be alone, take an aromatic bath at the end of the day and drink a glass of wine without guilt, because... take care of yourself.

You are the soul of the party

You have a phone, headphones, tablet, i-pod and everything on the market for such devices in your bag. You want to keep in touch with your friends and family, and nothing should stop you from being aware of everything that is happening in the world. You are full of energy and a big lover of technology, like any self-respecting modern woman.

You are an expert in communication and know how to get along with people, making them feel good. You are friendly, sociable, and everyone you meet and who knows you knows they can count on you. You have no favorites, you behave equally openly and honestly with everyone and cannot stand loneliness, isolation, marginalization.

Kind of an ambitious man

Gum, notepad, pen, pen, headphones, mints, phone, tablet, charger, alcohol, wet wipes, hair conditioner, what's not in the bag?! You're also ready for… the apocalypse, if there's one. Nothing escapes your eye, you have plans for anything and everything, and a bag is the perfect place to store them all.

Carrying them all with you makes you feel like you are in control of everything. You are great at organizing parties or get-togethers between friends and you are constantly asked for it, your colleagues know that you are ambitious and hardworking, so you are resigned to the fact that you will also receive another promotion. You are connected to reality, ready to take on the world and emerge victorious most of the time. Not bad at all, right?

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TEST. Tell me what's in your bag so I can tell what kind of character you have!