Choice: table lamps

Style is created by details. Table lamps will become such a bright accent or a successful addition to interior design. Their choice depends on the intended use.

Table lamps can be placed on a bedside table or coffee table, on a desktop in an office, or simply for interior decoration. But most carefully such lighting fixtures are chosen not by designers, but by caring parents.

Lamps for everyone

Before you buy a table lamp for a student, you need to understand whether your choice is in line with convenience and safety. So, there are the following selection criteria:

  1. Fastening. The table lamp should be firmly fixed and have a soft leg.
  2. Materials. It is better to choose lamps with an opaque shade. So the light will be directed to the place designated for this, and not blind the student. The materials used must be of high quality. It is better not to consider cheap options at all.
  3. Lamps. A good choice is LED or incandescent bulbs with a light matte finish. They have a lower price compared to fluorescent ones, and also allow the use of a dimmer (a device for controlling the intensity of lighting). Daylight lamps are best avoided altogether.
  4. Light level. For each person, this indicator is individual. Optimum power - 60 W or 150 lux for local light.
beautiful lamp
Image: beautiful lamp

Similar selection criteria can be applied to office table lamps. For the bedroom, low lamps with a matte shade or a dense lampshade are suitable. Nevertheless, they need to be combined with other types of lighting: ceiling and decorative products, floor lamps.

This approach to the development of lighting design is beneficial to health. According to the recommendations of lighting experts, table lamps are selected depending on the color and stylistic solution of the room.

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Choice: table lamps