What should an employer answer to the question “why did you leave your previous job?”

Are you thinking about changing jobs, but are you afraid that you won’t know how to answer your future employer’s question “why did you leave your previous job?” Don't stress! We offer you the best answers you can give.

The answer you give to this question can say a lot about you as an employee and what you're looking for. For example, telling your employer that you're quitting because you're bored or routine won't show him that he can trust you.

It’s better to answer that you are a person who wants to advance your career, write to the specialists from “Entrepreneur”. Many young people leave their current job because they want to advance their career, and if there is no opportunity for advancement, it may make sense to leave that job for another option.

Professional Development

And professional development is another reason why people quit. For example, if you know that at another company you can participate in various courses and mentoring programs that can help you progress, this may be a reason to leave your current job for another opportunity.

Change of field of activity

Among professionals over 30, changing careers is another reason you might want to quit your current job.

For example, perhaps you completed a degree in a certain field and discovered that your choice was not for you. This could be a great answer to an employer's question. However, make sure you have the necessary skills to start a new job in your chosen field.

More money

Many people leave their current jobs because they are not receiving compensatory wages. You should be very careful when talking to a new employer about compensation, clarifying your salary expectations and letting them know that you left your previous job because you weren't paid well enough.

Health reasons

If you get sick or have an accident and are not properly supported by your employer, this may be a reason to leave your current job, writes the aforementioned publication.

Of course, if a health problem might affect your ability to work, you should let your future employer know from the outset.

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What should an employer answer to the question “why did you leave your previous job?”