The most valuable employees. I surpass them all! Check it out if you are among them!

We all want to be valuable employees and important members of the teams to which we belong. Strengths give us value, and having them is the key to success in professional life. Find out what qualities make you an ordinary person!

American Katherine Caputa, a career and branding expert, has advised CEOs and large companies such as Google and Microsoft, and helps employers discover what sets them apart from their competitors. Based on her 40 years of experience, she has identified the rarest types of employees who simply outshine the rest.

This inventive

See unique opportunities for innovation in turbulent times, such as crisis or change. The more complex the problem, the more inspired you become and the need to find new solutions and be creative. You can be impulsive and change your mind often, which only increases your creativity. You often deviate from rules and regulations and are not influenced by what others think.


You have all the necessary qualities to motivate and lead others to achieve and even exceed their goals. You are built for solving problems and overseeing complex projects. Your clear mission is to unite team members towards a common goal. They truly perceive you as a leader and follow your requests.

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You play with ideas to see if you can improve them. You tend to be an introvert and more of a loner than a party animal. The world sees you as a detail-oriented yet creative person. If something does not meet your expectations, you criticize not only yourself, but also others. Few can match you when it comes to method. You use a clear process with clear steps and procedures that everyone can apply without issue.


You are always up to date with developments in your area of expertise. Your goal is to make important contributions to your field as an expert. Make decisions based on research and analysis. Other team members trust experts because their credentials prove that they know something very well, making you valuable.


You feel confident that you can change the world. You are empathetic and react emotionally when you see injustice or suffering in others. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed and feel that others are putting too much pressure on you, but you have a hard time saying no. Team members consider you reliable and always ready to help.

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The most valuable employees. I surpass them all! Check it out if you are among them!