Did you get married and feel deep sadness? You may have post-wedding depression!

If your wedding was everything you dreamed and expected, but you can't explain why you feel deep sadness after the most beautiful party of your life, we tell you that you may be experiencing post-wedding depression. Find out more about this phenomenon!

Marriage, or the formalization of a couple's relationship, is an important moment in a person's life because it symbolizes the legal and social union of two people who love each other.

And since everyone wants this moment to be a success, the partners spend several months taking care of all the details that turn the wedding into the most beautiful party of their lives.

However, if you fit the description above, why do you feel disappointed and depressed if you married the love of your life and your wedding was perfect? Well, first of all, know that you are not alone! In one study, nearly half of newlyweds reported feeling disappointed and even depressed after their wedding. Some even experienced clinical depression, writes

Post-marital depression is common.

Post-nuptial depression, also called “post-nuptial depression” or “post-nuptial syndrome,” is a temporary emotional condition that can occur after a couple gets married. This phenomenon is characterized by feelings of sadness, fatigue, anxiety, difficulty concentrating and sleep disturbances.

Several factors can influence the onset of post-marital depression. For example, in the period leading up to the wedding, partners work hard to organize the event, and when the wedding ends and the excitement disappears, they feel disappointed.

And the fact that after the wedding, partners move from the status of fiancée to husband/wife can be a factor of stress and adaptation: “When the wedding ends, you realize that you need to adapt to married life.” life. This can feel like a loss of independence,” noted psychologist Andrea Gurney for the mentioned publication.

And suddenly returning to reality can cause negative feelings, says psychiatrist Michelle Riba: “After weeks and months of glamor and gifts, choosing dresses and jewelry and enjoying being the center of attention, you suddenly come back to reality with bills to pay and the trash to take out. Therefore, it is normal to experience post-wedding depression.”

  • People who have had a difficult family situation may be more susceptible to post-marital depression. For example, someone who has experienced a divorce in their family may experience feelings of anxiety immediately after the wedding.

How long does post-marital depression last?

Post-wedding depression can last for several days or several weeks after the event. Communication, relaxation and maintaining a healthy lifestyle help combat negative moods.

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Did you get married and feel deep sadness? You may have post-wedding depression!