Dr. Mihaela Bilić: How to make healthy choices in fast food, canteen or supermarket

Food choices can be a real challenge these days, with so many so-called unhealthy options winking at us at every turn and intoxicating us with their taste. Dr. Mihaela Bilic tells what you can eat on the go?

“In the car, at the office, at school or on a trip… what do we eat when we are hungry? Should we leave with a takeaway casserole or can we find balanced meals on the street corner? How do we make healthy choices in fast food, canteen or supermarket?

Here's what to remember when eating prepackaged, prepared, or cooked meals:

- For ready-made sandwiches, choose the option with as few sauces or mayonnaise as possible, without minced meat, french fries and bread. Choose simple ingredients like cold steak, ham, ham, cheese, smoked fish. Remove one of the slices of bread and place fresh vegetables (bell peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes) on top.

- For fast foods, avoid the menu with a double hamburger and fries, go for a simple burger and salad. In the case of a shaorma sandwich, choose the option with a lot of vegetables, without sauces. Better pickles than french fries and mustard instead of mayonnaise. Drink juices in a light version or water, and fruit for dessert.

- In the canteen or delivery, choose soup and a second course, it's safer than a second course and dessert. Fried or baked meat or fish with boiled vegetables or in a salad also satisfies the appetite and figure. Better than bread 2-3 tablespoons of rice, mashed potatoes or polenta. Be careful with pasta and pizza, these are foods that are high in calories. Avoid sauces and french fries and skim the soup!

“From a street corner or from a vending machine, the safest and easiest thing to do is a pretzel and a milkshake. A salty snack like pretzels or puffs is better than something sweet like cookies or waffles.

There is no tragedy if we eat so-called unhealthy foods from time to time. Provided that we consume them without haste and do not exaggerate in terms of quantity. Even if it is fast food, it is consumed "slowly". Whether you're at school, in the office, or traveling, take a few minutes off your lunch break. And eat with all your attention on your plate!”

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Dr. Mihaela Bilić: How to make healthy choices in fast food, canteen or supermarket